Thursday, 9 July 2015

Lim Jak Zeng (32) 9/7/2015

Title of article: Engineer jailed one week for pushing motorist in road rage case

Published: 8th July 2015


This article is about a recent road rage on the roads. Engineer Desmond Tan, 25, pleaded guilty of having to use force against 55-year-old Mr Tan on January 21st this year. On that day, Mr Tan was driving his car, when he suddenly stopped so as to prevent hitting Desmond while he was cycling across the zebra crossing. In the process, Mr Tan sounded his horn at Desmond. Unhappy about the fact that Mr Tan sounded his horn at him, he got offended and followed Mr Tan to somewhere near block 821 at, and pushed him. 

I feel that Desmond Tan is very unreasonable. He is a very hot-tempered person and gets offended easily, and he always seeks revenge. I do understand that when Mr Tan sounded his horn, it never meant to offend Desmond in anyway. Mr Tan actually wanted to sounded the horn so as to warn Desmond to be careful and aware so as to prevent a accident which might be fatal. Mr Tan was just trying to obey traffic rules and not to injure Desmond. Instead of being grateful about what Mr Tan did, Desmond chooses to take this sounding of the horn as an offense, and he reacted very roughly by confronting Mr Tan, threatening to hurt him. I feel that he should appreciate the fact that Mr Tan does care for Desmond's safety while he was cycling on the roads. And even if Desmond wasn't happy about it, he shouldn't have find ways to have "revenge" on Mr Tan. Hurting others physically will never solve issues and tensions, it would only make it worse. Thus, Desmond is a very unreasonable man, and he should learn to think before he acts.

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  1. Posting here because Xinyi have no access to wifi
    I agree with your point of view. I feel that as long as any driver is on the roads, they should practice care and consideration for the sake of every single one on the roads. This is to prevent any injury or lost of lives on the roads, which could have been prevented only if som eof the drivers on the roads choose to be more considerate.