Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Lim Xin Yi (15) 01-July-2015

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       This news article was published on 13-June-2015. It is about the outbreak of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in South Korea due to the clinics' negligence to quarantine the patient despite the fact that he had showed signs of contracting the disease.  It was stated in the article that the businessman had brought MERS back to South Korea visited several health centres for a cough and fever before he was diagnosed, leaving a trail of infection in his wake, and all of South Korea’s cases have been linked to health facilities.

       I think that the main cause of the sudden outbreak of MERS is due to the hospitals' and government's negligence and underestimation of the virus. As the hospitals did not quarantine the patients who were suspected to have infected MERS, the patients who visited the hospitals had a risk of contracting the disease. I think that the hospitals should have taken precaution measures the moment any of the patients showed sign of MERS. Due to the lack of measures, may other patients who visited the hospitals infected the disease and this is the main cause of the drastically increasing number of MERS cases in South Korea. However, now, the government has taken the necessary movements such as quarantine of suspected carriers of MERS. Unfortunately, the situation is not easy to be controlled now.

       Personally, I think that this kind of situation is unlikely to happen in Singapore as the Singapore government has always been serious and has never taken this matter lightly. In fact, our ministers have already spoken about the importance of handling the MERS seriously. Therefore, I feel that it is very safe to live in Singapore as there is a extremely low chance for one to contract the MERS virus.

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