Friday, 31 July 2015

Lim XIn Yi (15) 27-July-2015

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This news article is about the Merck and NewLink Genetics' VSV-ZEBOV vaccine, which has been recently tested to be 100% effective in protecteing we, humasn, from Ebola disease. It is a very big breakthrough as it is proven to be really capable of protecting humans against Ebola, which is a very dangerous disease once contracted.

I think that this new discovery is very significant in the medical industry as it will help prtoect peole from Ebola. Not long go, it was reported to have many cases of EBola-contracted paients in Korea and many of them died as a result of this diesease. With this vaccine, many innocent lives can now avoid being tortured and killed by this fatal disease. As this vaccine is now being tested among other Ebolainfected patients of a younger age, I really hope that this vaccine works on people of all ages, regardless of their genders.

Although in Singapore, we may not have had any cases pf Ebola beofre. the dscovery of this vaccine is still very important and still contribute much to our nation. This, is bacuse, although we may not have had ebola cases in SIngapore, we 
can now inject this vaccine beofre we want to travel overses to other countries where Ebola is prevalnet, to prevent onesekf from getting the disease.Hence, I
truly hopr that the vaccine is really 
effective in protecting all poeople from

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  1. i agree with Lim Xin Yi's view that the discovery of the ebola vaccine is a big breakthrough. however, i also hope that even though the vaccine has beed discovered, it is a vaccine, not a cure. once a person has contracted ebola, the vaccine is as good as useless. thus, i think that we should continue to keep our guard up and continue to monitor the situation carefully.