Friday, 31 July 2015

Lim Xin Yi (15) for 13-July-2015

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This article is about a power outage which affected 23 blocks in the Bukit Batok estate for about two hours on Friday (July 31) morning. It was quite serious as the even the traffic lights in the area did not function during tha 2 hours, causing much chaos. Furthermore, one resident was trapped in the elevator.

I think that this incident reflects the need for the authorities to do regular checkups on the elecctrical circuit in the neighbourhoods to enusre its state of condition. I think that if this incident were to happen in the night, the consequences would have been much worse as it would be darker without the sunlight, whereas in the morning, even without the electrical lights and roadlamps, it would still be quite visible. Even so, I think that this power outage that lasted for 2 hours is quite serious. Although police officers were sent too traffic junctions, i twould most probably be very messy as it is peak hour in the weekday morning, with many people rushing to wrok or school. Accidents such as being stuck in the lift is also a very dangerous accident which may happen. Personally, I think that the officials could have speed up their work in recovering the electricity city in that area, instead of using 2 hours to restore the power. By taking such a long time, more inconveniences are created, apart from bigger issues such as traffic congestions. Simple things that can haooen is that, foods stored in refrigerators may be spoiled after 2 hours of which the fridge is not cold. For people conducting businesses, it is also very inconvenient as a simple thing such as printing a receipt is impossible without any electric supply. Thus, I think that it is really very important for the authrities to condeuct  spot-check on electrical circuits or controls in neighbourhoods after a certain time, preventing such accidents of power outage from happening again in the future.

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