Sunday, 12 July 2015

Luo Tianhong 32 current affairs

This article is about a train break down, and it's possibly the worst break down in Singapore history, with the break down from the crowded nouth south and east west lines. Especially due to the fact that the timing is during the peak hours, 7-10, many commuters are affected. The reason is still unknown, and investigations is still ongoing.

I think that this reflects on the need to constantly upgrade our infrastructure. Especially the transport infrastructure, due to the huge boom in population, and increased travel load through urban and industrialization. However, it is neglected due to its difficulty. Roads are used everyday, and replacing them would cause them to stop working, leading to traffic congestion and jams. Thus, the government is reluctant to carry out the changes, due to its difficulty. However, as shown by this incident, for the long term development, it must be done. Even though the cause is a faulty train, the root problem is the outdated transport infrastructure. With tracks and trains that are old and outdated, problems would come more and more often, and solving the problem without touching the root cause is just a futile effort. Thus, for the long term development and efficiency of the transport industry, I think that we should immediately improve our transport infrastructure, sparing no costs. Even though short term problems would be caused, it is necessary for the long term. If not, the problem would just build up, and cause a much bigger problem later.
From this, I can learn that we should solve problems now, even though it may cause us problems or difficulties, then leaving them for later, because it would build up, but you would still have to deal with it, and have much more problems later.


  1. I agree with Tian Hong because I really think that the government should have done maintenance work to the MRT system long before this incident happened. Even though the maintenance work will cause problems such as train delays, these problems will only be present for a month or two and after that, our transport system will be much more efficient and less prone to train breakdowns. The citizens would also understand the delays since it is for their own good and a precaution. Hence, I believe that the government should start tackling the problem now before it gets worse and snowballs into a gigantic problem such as the breakdown of the while transport system in Singapore.