Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Ow Wen Xuan (18) 08/07

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Article name : Teenager admits causing mischief, hurting police
Published date : 8 July 2015

This article is about a 16 year old teenage girl, Carmen Chng Jia Wen, shouting vulgarities and hurting a policewoman in June 2013 when the police went visited her house to arrest her brother but she refused to open the door of the house. While she pleaded guilty to hurting a policewoman and causing mischief, her family situation where her brother was also charged for some offenses was also taken into consideration.

As the writer did not express his point of view, I will talk about mine instead. I agree with Deputy Public Prosecutor Carene Poh's idea that Carmen Chng Jia Wen's family situation and age should be taken into consideration too because at such a young age, she might not know all the rights and wrongs in daily life especially when her family members are setting such a bad example. I strongly feel that people around her especially her family members were the main reasons why she did the wrong thing. However, I believe that with proper education on her doings, she will definitely be able to understand why her actions were wrong, thus changing for the better. 

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  1. With regards to your point of view that she is still young and may not know all the rights and wrongs,I disagree with you. She is sixteen years old,a matured young lady. Even if one can argue that this does not mean that she knows everything but definitely, shouting vulgarities and injuring a law enforcer is wrong. Even a mere six year old can tell you that, so a sixteen year old does not know that? Her actions deserve little or no pity. However, she is not wrong entirely. A person learns everything he or she picks up from the surrounding around her and if her surrounding teaches the wrong values, she would learn it too. Hence I feel that her family members are also in the wrong.