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Article name : Elderly woman slapped in video was beaten often, say neighbours
Published date : 21 July 2015

This article is about the neighbours of Kamisah, whose video of her getting slapped went viral online after being posted on Facebook on Morning of 20 July, mentioned that some of them saw Siti, her daughter, slap her twice a week in the common corridor and that they often heard the family members shouting at each other at night and banging on the wall. The neighbours also mentioned that the beating were a common sight and one of the neighbours, Jacqueline Low, even mentioned that she roughly saw twice a week that when Kamisah is sweeping or washing the floor, Siti stands next to her and suddenly starts shouting. Another neighbour, Mr Samat S, also said hat two weeks ago during the fasting month, Kamisah was seen falling down after alighting from a taxi and Siti slapped and kicked her as she lay on the ground.

As the writer did not express his point of view, I will talk about mine instead. I disagree with Siti's actions towards her mother, Kamisah, and I feel very frustrated after learning about it. As the younger generation, I strongly feel that she should at least have basic respect for people who are older than her which includes her mother. In the first place, it is morally incorrect to even be hitting someone, moreover slapping her mother. At the same time, I find it unbelievable that such cruel things still happens in the current society and I feel that children should be educated more on it so that they will not do the wrong things. However, since it was mentioned that this was not an uncommon sight to the neighbours for their case, I feel that the neighbours should have been responsible enough to file a report so that legal actions could be taken earlier instead of not doing anything at all to help.

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  1. It is outrageous to see that people that is of a younger generation are doing such cruel acts to their seniors, especially to a family member. I agree with your point of view. Mutual respect is something that has been taught continuously when we are younger and it is only right to treat your mother with respect, especially because she was the one who went through so much pain to give birth to you. I cannot shrug off the nagging feeling that people are getting more and more cruel. I am proved correct yet again when the people in the neighborhood who saw such acts of cruelty did not report what they saw. I feel that these people are actually even more cruel than the daughter herself. They were watching people suffer and did nothing to end it.