Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Yong Jie Ning (22) 7 July 2015

Does tuition help or hinder? 

Source: iPad straits times app 
Published on: 7 July 

The issue discussed here is that having tuition does a little help but it often hinders some group of students learning progress. Studies have shown that in Singapore, we rank the first for having tuition for children in 18 countries, the families in Singapore spent about 1.1 billion dollars on tuition per year for their children and that only one third of the parents say that it does help their children. However, students who doesn't attend tuition score better in their tests than the students who attends tuition which is very contradicting as students go for tuition to pull their grades up. 

The writer's opinion is just that there is an urgent need to look into this issue whether having just tuition for students is help or hinders their studying progress and the writer throws a question, " Is tuition a waste of time, money and effort? Does it hurt students instead? " I feel that having tuition is hindering a students progress. Usually students have tuition because their parents noticed that their results are unacceptable and want them to improve further but if you want to improve, you definitely have to revise what is taught and make the concepts clear before going on. However, what most tuition centers do, is go ahead of the syllabus so that when students go back to class, they can already understand what the teacher is teaching which I feel is redundant. I think that tuition is something like an extra lesson that doesn't go ahead of the syllabus but go back to the weaker topics and revise. If not, the student will become blurrer and blurrer as times goes by. This is why i do not have tuition personally as I don't support having tuition. 

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  1. i disagree with your point of view as i believe that having tuition actually helps with a student's academic progress. if not, why do so many singaporean students have tuitions every week? i find that it is possible that tuitions do stress a child more than average but if one really wants to understand faster than what is taught in school and focuses well in tuition classes, one's results would improve. tuition is an add-on to school work and is not necessary, but however, it does help in strengthening their understanding of the subjects.