Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Ashley Loo (16) 22/7/15

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The issue being discussed here is a about video of a 25 year old woman who slapped and allegedly assaulted her 58 year old mother outside a flat in Lower Delta Road which went viral on Facebook. It shows the frail looking woman sweeping the corridor outside a HDB flat under the watchful gaze of two other women. Towards the end of the video, one of the woman is seen delivering two hard slaps to the elderly woman. 
The writer did not give his/her point of view, so here's mine. I think the act of the 25 year old woman, named Siti is very absurd and shocking. The reason why it is absurd and shocking to me is that she is abusing her own mother, the person who gave birth to her, the person who raised her to what she is right now, the person who cared and loved her with all her heart. Without her mother, she will not be even in this world and she is here abusing her poor mother. Even if she has any unhappy stuff going on, it does not give her any right to abuse her own mother. Furthermore, her mother is 58 years old already and it is time for her to enjoy the rest of her life but she's still suffering abuse for her own daughter. Won't Siti be so guilty about what she did to her own mother? Won't she be ashamed of herself? If it was me, I will definitely not abuse my own mother but always care about and love her. She's the one who look after me for my whole life and when she's old, it's time for us to repay. We should not be like Siti. 

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  1. It is definitely enraging to see a child abusing her own mother. It is heartbreaking to see how much sacrifice her mother has made to raise her up, only to be abused by her child when she is older. When our parents are aging, we ought to be filial to them and be appreciative of their efforts, sacrifices and pain that they have endured to bring us up. It is not easy for them to raise us up, and by being filial to them is the least we can do to show our gratitude to them.