Sunday, 9 August 2015

Ashley Loo (16) 5/8/15

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The issue being discussed here is that a kind soldier was seen sheltering an elderly man who was waiting for a taxi from the pouring rain on Monday morning. The elderly man was going for a medical checkup when he was caught in the downpour. It was only drizzling when he left his house so he did not bring his umbrella but it started to pour as he waited for a taxi. The soldier had approached the elderly man with an umbrella and waited with him for about 20 minutes before he managed to hail a taxi. 

The writer did not state any point of views so here's mine. I think that the kind act of the soldier where he holds an umbrella over the elderly man to prevent him from getting drenched and getting sick should be learnt by everyone. This shows that the soldier cares for the elderly man and is very willing to give a helping hand. Everyone must have a caring heart to care for everyone. It only needs a small act to show your kindness and give a lot of help to others so why not? A kind act won't do you any harm so why not? Also, the soldier is being a great role model for everyone and everyone should learn from him. As for me, if I see anyone in need of help, I will try my best to go and help them if I can. 

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