Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Ashley Loo (16) 8/7/15

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The issue being discussed here is about a teenage girl who kicked and scratched a police officer when she visited her house to arrest her brother admitted to two charges in court. Carmen Chng Jiawen was 16 years old then. She refused to open the door and shouted vukgarities at the police. She then scratched the policewomen and kicked her in the knees and stomach. After she was handcuffed and taken to a police car, she swung her legs against a back door and kicked a rear window. 

The writer did not state his/her point of view so here's mine. I think that the act of the teenage girl, named Carmen Chng Jiawen, is very rude and bad. The police is just doing their job to arrest her brother since he is admitted to two charges and she has no right to hurt an innocent policewomen or even damage the police property by scratching, kicking the policewoman and swinging her legs against the back door and kicking the window of the police car. She has to accept the fact that her brother did do something wrong and she shouldn't hurt people no matter what. This just shows that she resorts to violence when something doesn't go her way. It is a very childish way to act even when she is 16 years old already. I hope that the policewomen won't be injured that badly and will be okay. 

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  1. I agree that Carmen should not have resisted her brother's arrest and injured the police officer. It is the duty of the police force to arrest any wrongdoers for the sake of our society's well-being and as part of crime prevention. By resisting arrest for her brother, she is obstructing justice from being meted out. What she is doing is not beneficial to her brother, as one should learn to face up to the consequences of his actions. She should have made sure her brother was arrested, and give him a second chance to turn over a new leaf and make up for his wrongdoings in the future.