Monday, 10 August 2015

Audrey Yeo (1) for 03/08/15

The Straits Times
The issue being discussed is that parents can or should let their children play video games while making them manage their time properly and be responsible for themselves.

General observations, opinions: In my opinion,parents should let their children to do what they want to do as enjoyment like playing video games. I agree with the writer that playing video games can make the child learn new skills and take control of their own virtual world. Letting them play video games or do what they want is like a reward for them after many hours of school and homework. It is good to get them be rewarded but this should not interfere with their daily activities. If it does, it is addiction. Parents should balance and take control of the time their children plays with video games to prevent addiction. Video gaming should only be allowed when they complete their daily tasks and school homework. Parent should also supervise their children when they play and interact online with online users and social medias too.

Writer's approach: The most important thing is balance. Parents can teach their child to balance playing games with other pursuits like watching movies, doing sports, eating, cleaning up and finishing their homework.

Relating to Singapore context: Like most countries with advanced technologies, children even before primary one learns how to use an electronic device and playing games on them. I often see Singaporean parents give in to their children their hand phones to hush them when they cry for games. I do not think they are doing a good parenting job and should use other methods to discipline them.

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  1. I agree with Audrey that parents should give children freedom by allowing them to do what they like during their leisure time, but at the same time, supervise the time spent on these activities so that studies are not neglected. For example, boys find much pleasure in playing computer games. Parents can use it as an incentive to encourage homework to be completed before leisure time begins. Next, it is also important for parents to supervise what their children do doing leisure time especially when they are surfing the Internet. This can avoid children viewing inappropriate sites which can pose a threat to the mental growth of the child.