Sunday, 9 August 2015

Calyn (2) for 23/5/15

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Issue being discussed: This article is about a kind soldier, Chritstopher Ang, sheltering an elderly man,who did not have an umbrella with him, from the rain while the man was waiting for the cab.
General observations about issue discussed: the elderly man was waiting for a taxi to take him to Changi General Hospital for a medical appointment. He is a retiree who suffered from a stroke 15 years ago which impaired his movement and affected his speech. The soldier was even patient and kind enough to wait for 20 minutes till the elderly was able to hail a taxi. 
How the writer approaches this issue:  I agree with the actions of the soldier, Chritstopher Ang. Despite him being able to just ignore and walk away when he realise about the situation, he went the extra mile to help instead. This is very commendable since in order to help the elderly man, he was willing to sacrifice 20 minutes of his time. 
Relating to singapore context: With the fast paced society, people often just mind their own business, ignoring the fact that others might need their help. Thus, this can also act as a great example to show others what is the right thing they should do.

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