Monday, 10 August 2015

Calyn (2) june

This article is about 25 year old woman who slapped ad alledgely assaulted her 58 year old mother outside a flat in Lower Delta Road.

I think the woman had done something very despicable especially because it was towards her very own mother,moreover she's just a frail old lady. This is a violent act and an act that should not be done no matter why. The woman physically assaulted her own mother who raised her up and brought her up with her hands, yet she is getting this kind of treatment from her own daughter who does not show any signs of remourse. The woman should not have hit her own mother even in very bad circumstances and no matter what the mother had said. She should have kept her head cool and dealt with the situation in front of her calmly and not be so rash. We owe our mothers our life since they spend their lifetime raising us and loving us as their children. We are all indebted to our mothers because without them, there wont be us. Hence, i sincerely hope that the woman would realise her mistakes and apologise to her mother and make up for her violent actions. 

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