Monday, 10 August 2015

Chew Jing Heng 25


Issue being discussed: 
Police confirmed on Tuesday that a report has been lodged against a 25-year-old woman who slapped and allegedly assaulted her 58-year-old mother outside a flat in Lower Delta Road. The man who filmed the viral video, Mr Juani, had witnessed the incident for 6 months before reporting it to the police.

Quoted from the comments section from YouTube from a YouTube user.
"It's not right to just be quiet when we see an injustice or abusive act in from to four eyes. As much as we do not want to interfere with our neighbours domestic abuse,ugh cruel acts need to be reported to the authority," 
I agree with her. This is exactly what Mr Juani did, and I am relieved that such abusive acts have been reported to the relevant authorities (although he could report it earlier).Sometimes, we really do not want to interfere when our neighbours have conflicts. However, we need to know that there is a need to step in when things are beyond control. In this case, if Mr Juani did not post the viral video, I believe that the daughter may be still abusing her mother, causing very serious injuries to the mother. Therefore, I support Mr Juani for his actions.
Next, the daughter has to know that her mother had brought her into this world. Even though the mother may have done something wrong, the daughter should never had slept the mother. I think that the daughter should instead, be grateful for what her mother has done for her, especially when raising a child is not easy. There was no rights for the daughter to slap her mother at all. I am definitely glad that police has started investigating on this case.

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