Monday, 10 August 2015

Chew Jing Heng 25


Issue being discussed:
A Red Lions skydiver was involved in a midair drama yesterday when he had to cut off his parachute while descending to the Padang during the rehearsal for the National Day Parade. Fortunately, he managed to deploy his back-up parachute before landing safely on the parade grounds.
Comment by a Facebook used regarding this news:
" I was there at the Padang. It was a frightening moment "
I would say that even though I was not at the Padang for the rehearsals, I believe that it would be definitely frightening to see things go wrong. Safety always is the first priority, especially in such dangerous performances where one may just lose one's life if something goes wrong. I believe that everyone would enjoy the red lions performances, but sometimes, we do forget that they are actually risking their lives to do so. If both of the parachutes fail, the consequences will definitely be disastrous. Moreover, these red lions had trained really hard to  put up spectacular performances for us. We have to understand and appreciate that, and keep in mind that safety is the most important priority.

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