Wednesday, 5 August 2015

chua xinyue (4) 2.8.15

source : new debris on la reunion island not linked to mh370
date : 2.8.15

issue being discussed : debris which was discussed to be a plane's door found on the shore of la reunion island was actually a domestic ladder. 

opinions : i personally find that it is puzzling for us not to find any clues about the whereabouts of mh370 or figure out what happened at all. something must have happened for the plane to be completely "lost" and "gone". i am actually enticed by how the malaysian governement did not give up hope in finding the lost plane even after several months or even a year. even though the percentage of success is reletively low, malaysia still urges people to be on a lookout for debris washing up on their shore.

happens in singapore : i believe that if this happens to singapore, we would also be acting in the same way as how malaysia is acting now, searching for what was lost with no clue to begin with but with motivation and luck on our side.

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  1. Personally, I think that even if they can find the debris, they still will not know the cause of the missing of plane MH370 and may not give an answer to the victims' family. Even if they try so hard to find the debris of the plane, they may not find the victims as there is a high chance that all of them are dead. However, even said so we shouldn't demolish all our hopes and still continue to search for the debris of plane MH370. I also find it amazing that the Malaysian authorities are still searching for the debris of the plane after 1 and a half year.