Monday, 10 August 2015

Chuan Han Wei (26)

This news is talking about Johor reservoir, Lingui reservoir is currently facing a water shortage. This is the reservoir that Singapore takes water in. The water shortage is due to dry weather and it will most likely persist on. Water resource minister urge Singaporeans to conserve water during this period. 

Thought and feelings: I feel that during this dry season, we should do our best to conserve water. Water is precious and if this situation continues, there might be a chance that we might need water rationing. We should not waste water and use water unnecessarily. For example the water that we use to wash vegetables can be used to wash clothes. Bathing time can be shortened. I believed that if Singaporeans come together and conserve water, there will definitely be enough water for all Singaporeans. 

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  1. I think you can elaborate more on your feelings and also comment on how you would feel if you were a resident in Johor and you are not receiving any water due to the water shortage. You can also talk about how people may get affected due to the water shortage. However, i do agree with you that we as singaporeasns should conserve more water and the ways of conserving water that you have stated are very efficient