Monday, 10 August 2015

Chuan Han Wei (26)

This year we celebrate our 50 birthday. Singapore has come a long way. Let's reflect on our past years and the contributions of our pioneers. 

Thoughts and feelings: wow Singapore is 50 years old now. In the picture, our first national parade to our national day parade now. We have come a long way, to independence in 1965 to now 2015. I feel that we must reflect on the things we have achieved together not forgetting the pioneers who built the nation. Look how prosperous Singapore is now. It is all down to the contributions the pioneers did for us. Our first prime minster, sadly could not join us for this year parade was the key character that led to Singapore's independence and success now. We must thank him sincerely. This picture also shows how we have changed and improved in just 50 years. The parade now compared to then was very different. There were no dazzling lights and fireworks. I think we must really be happy and rejoice this special occasion. A small nation doesn't mean we are weak. Now it's up to us, the younger generation to lead Singapore to the next 50 years and many more to come. 

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  1. Reading your comments and feelings about this, I feel extremely proud to be a Singaporean. There are many Singaporeans who are very eager to celebrate the golden jubilee. Their eagerness could be shown by their want for the tickets to the SG50 national parade. Your thoughts are well expressed and I can feel the way you feel