Monday, 10 August 2015

Chuan Han Wei (26)

this article talks about a group of people singing National days songs in the mrt and the reactions of the public.

Thought and feelings:
I feel that the people leading the songs have a true Singapore Sprit. This means that they love our country and wants to spread it to other fellow Singaporeans. It really shows how United we are. People from different race, religion come together to sing national day songs is really touch warming. Since this year was also the golden jubilee, I also sang national day songs with pride when I watched the video. It reflects on how United we are together as one and the sense of pride for our nation when we sing the songs together as one. I feel proud to be a Singaporean.

1 comment:

  1. I agree with Han Wei's thoughts about how races and religions come together when we sing national day songs. In the pledge we recite everyday, a sentence stated: Regardless of race, language or religion. As Singaporeans, we have lived together harmoniously and we do not look at each other differently. Hence I think everyone regardless of race is very proud when they sing our national songs.