Monday, 10 August 2015

Chuan Han Wei

Joseph Schooling, representing Singapore has just won the bronze swimming competitions held in Kazan. 

Thoughts and feeling: well done Schooling. You have certainly done Singapore proud with this achievement. In line with this years golden jubilee, you have certainly gave Singapore big gift. This competition is world wide, where swimmers representing their countries com together to compete. Singapore being such a small and young country, achieving this tremendous achievement is really a big feat. Singapore will be recognised world wide and he has really done the nation proud. Schooling is a young talent that has showned a lot of talent and will have the potential of being Singapore swimming champ in history. He not only broken a lot of records and also represented Singapore at major events. I hope the best for him. 

1 comment:

  1. Han Wei have elaborated well on how Joseph Schooling had helped and let Singaporeans feel proud. However, you can add more of your own feelings towards Joseph Schooling to show more about how proud you are to be a Singaporean. And yes, I also feel very proud of him as a Singaporean and I hope there will be more athletes like him to make singapore proud.