Monday, 10 August 2015

Chuan Han Wei(26)

Soya Milk sold at Breadtalk is from Yeos.
A netizen captured a photo of a worker at Breadtalk pouring cartons of soya milk from Yeos into bottles saying freshly made soya milk. It is even sold at a higher price. 350 ml for $1.50. 1 litre of Yeos soya milk is sold at $1.50 at fairpice. 

Thoughts and feelings: I feel that Breadtalk should not state on the bottles freshly made soya milk and add factory made Yeos soya milk into the bottles. The customers will then thought these are freshly made in house and will be willingly to pay a higher prince for it. Instead, it is Yeos soya milk. They should not deceive customers like that just to make profit. In fact , many shops would buy food in bulk and repackage them in their own brand. However, they should not say that they made it, in the case of Breadtalk., they state that the soya milk is freshly made suggest that it is brewed in house. They should state that it is from Yeos. This will not give customers a different impression. 

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  1. I agree with Han Wei that they should not deceive their customers to make a profit. They should not have let the customers misunderstand and tell them that it is freshly made. This is lying to their customers and if i were their regular customer, i would have feel so enraged and i would have stopped buying from Bread talk since they give their products like that. It is very unreasonable to cheat their customers and sell their soya milk for a higher price to earn money.