Sunday, 9 August 2015

Ding Hong Yi (5) 27 April 2015

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This article is about a guy that was being suspected as a shoplifter being pursued and jumped off a 20 feet building and got critically injured.
I feel that this guy that fell from the supermarket is rather dumb. He could have died. He should be lucky that he only got serious injuries and not lose his life. But, right after you stole something, the first thing people would do is to faster get out of the supermarket but not to jump off the building. You might get caught for stealing but at least you would not lose your life. Getting caught will only make you sit a few years of jail and not die since stealing is a very serious offence. But still this does not mean that you should steal or jump off the building.

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  1. Instead of analysing how to escape from the supermarket, I think that the act of committing a crime is morally wrong and instead of facing with the consequences of his action after being caught, he attempted to escape by jumping down from a 20 feet building, putting his own life on danger. I think that it is only rightful for him to pay for his own foolishness.