Sunday, 9 August 2015

Ding Hong Yi (5) 27/7/15

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This article is about North Korea celebrating their 62th anniversary of a 3 year war against the United  States and that they are going to kill all Americans if another war were to break out.

I do not know much about North Korea because they seldom make the news. The three year war must have much impact on North Korea since they announce that they are going be very brutal if another war were to break out. I never knew that North Korea had such a war with America in the first place. I feel that the people of this world should stop fighting each other and be peaceful with each other. People die in wars and if there is peace between countries, there will be no deaths and impacts on both countries, it is a win win situation. I really hope that North Korea would get over the warfare and let bygones be bygones.


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  2. I agree that wars bring about deaths and destroy families. However, the topic regarding the necessity of war depends on the cause of it. If the ultimate aim of the war is human progress, then I think in this case, war is necessary.