Sunday, 9 August 2015

Ding Hong Yi (5)

13 April

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This article is about someone that might be wearing a fake army uniform in a pub. He was questioned why he did not wear his name tag and where he had his training. The man who wore "fake uniform" became angry when the one who was questioning him said he was picking on girls. The army uniform guy asked him if he was a cop.
I feel that this guy who might be wearing a fake army uniform should be more honest and have some intergrity. Firstly,wearing the army uniform should make someone feel proud of themselves to be protecting and serving their own country, there should be embarrassment in wearing the name tag. Secondly, we should do the right things at the right time. Since the man wearing his army uniform went into the pub or something, he should at least go and change out of his uniform and he woudl not be such a disgrace if he really went to pick on girls.

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  1. Firstly, before indulging in any activities, soldiers should change out of their army uniforms. Next, I feel that if this guy is indeed wearing a fake uniform, he should be reported as the army uniform should not have any replicas since it is a solemn representation of the country.