Monday, 10 August 2015

Eunice Chua 28/5

This article is about a kind soldier, Chritstopher Ang, sheltering an elderly man from the rain, who did not have an umbrella with him while waiting for the cab. The elderly man was waiting for a taxi to take him to Changi General Hospital for a medical appointment. He is a retiree who suffered from a stroke 15 years ago which impaired his movement and affected his speech. The soldier was patient and kind enough to wait for 20 minutes till the elderly was able to hail a taxi. 
In my opinion,  it is really considerate of the soldier to be so helpful towards an elderly man. in the society today, we Singaporeans often think that the elderlies are burdens and we are unwilling to shoulder them. Hence, most of the teenagers would not offer a helping hand when they see an elderly in need. However, Christopher is not a typical youngsters and helped the elderly when he realise the situation. This is really commendable and a heart-warming sight as he was willing to sacrifice 20 minutes of his time just to shelter the elderly from rain while waiting for him to get a taxi just so that he would not catch a cold in the rain. If Singapore has more of such helpful and considerate Singaporeans who put others first instead of themselves, it will be a better country.

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  1. I do not agree with your point that Singaporeans think that elders are burdens nowadays. Many of us still respect and love our elders very much although there are some exceptions. However, I agree that it is a heart-warming act of the soldier and we should learn from him.