Monday, 10 August 2015

Genevieve Lim (6) 15/4/15

This article is about two men from Sarawak Malaysia, convicted of murder for the 2010 Kallang slashings, and were sentenced to death and life in prison respectively. They were armed with a parang when a group of four men went on a violent robbery spree in Kallang three years ago, leaving an Indian national dead.

Response: I feel that justice has been done for the Indian national, as not only did the murderers attempt robbery and murdered him, even when he did not do anything wrong or cause the murderers to kill him. A death sentence and life in prison, are both extremely severe and serious sentences. I feel that the murderers deserve those sentences, as robbery and murder are both very very serious offences. In order to lower the crime rate in Singapore,issuing such severe sentences are effective, so that less people will dare to commit crimes. Although Singapore has a low crime rate due to our effective laws and police force, we still have to be very careful when going out, as low crime does not mean no crime. We should not take advantage of the low crime rate and exercise caution at all times.

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  1. I agree with Gen that such severe sentences should be sentenced so that people who are thinking of doing this or might do this will be scared to do it due to the severe penalties. This will warn others and allow Singapore to be safer.