Monday, 10 August 2015

Genevieve Lim (6) 2/4/15

This article is about Amos Yee being slapped by a man outside of court. He is a teenager, who is facing charges for his remarks against Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Christianity in a Youtube video.

Response: Although Amos Yee might have deserved that slap, as he really disrespected Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Christianity in his video, insulting them and using vulgarities against them, I feel that the man should not have slapped him, using physical force. Even if the man was very angry, he should have held back his anger and not slap Amos as that is also considered rude to do. If the man who  slapped Amos wanted to argue with what Amos said in his video and teach him a lesson, he should have calmly talked things out with Amos, instead of losing his temper and slapping him. This will only ignite more conflict, as those who  side with Amos will fight with those who are opposing him, further worsening the confict and disrupting the peace and harmony in Singapore. We should think calmly before acting, and if we do not do so, we might regret our actions later or even turn out doing the wrong thing.

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  1. I also agree with Gen's thinking that even if Amos Yee really offended some people badly, they should not go towards him and slap him as it is not their duty or their right to do so. They should let Amos Yee be sentenced and punished by the law in stead of taking it out straight on him.