Monday, 10 August 2015

Genevieve Lim (6) 28/4/15

This article is about how Singapore could experience more unusually warm days by the end of the century with average daily temperatures up to 32 degrees Celsius, from the current baseline average of 27.4 degree Celsius.

Response: I feel concerned about the fact that our temperatures are increasing every single year, and Singapore's increasing humdity and heat. This causes major concern about people's health. Unusually hot weather can cause various sicknesses, due to sudden change in temperature of our surroundings and thus our body might not get used to it. Sore throat and flu are some of the illnesses that might attack our bodies due to the hot weather. Also, for people who have eczema, especially those with more severe conditions, might suffer everyday and feel very uncomfortable. Our water supply might also decrease, due to hot weather causing the water to evaporate. If the increase of temperature keeps continuing, i dread to think of the temperature and how hot it will be by the end of the century.
We should all do our part in saving the environment and not contribute to the global warming problem such as being more eco friendly and recycling more often.

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  1. I agree with Gen's thinking as global warming will do us a lot of harm. It can cause people with weak bodies to easily suffer heat stroke and this will also result in the snow caps melting and will flood the island.