Monday, 10 August 2015

Goh Ming Yee (7)

Dengue cases on the rise in Malaysia

The number of dengue cases is rising in Malaysia and Selangor remains the top of the list of states with the most number of infections recorded. Most of the people that are infected with dengue are children. This problem is worrying to the whole.

I feel that this happening may also be because it is the monsoon season, causing more rain. As there are more rain, more puddles can be form. Therefore, it becomes very easy for the mosquitoes to breed, keeping in mind the fact that it only takes around 2 days for the mosquitoes eggs to go to the 2nd stage. When it goes to the 2nd stage it becomes hard for them to be destroyed. All the more we should not let breeding of mosquitoes to occur especially at home. We must ensure that in our own homes there are none of the breeding spots available for those mosquitoes. Remember to always turn pails over so that there will be no water for these mosquitoes. It becomes the worst situation if there are even mosquitoes at your own home. I believe that if all of us take these precaution steps, none of this would have to occur.

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  1. Yes, since it is the monsoon season, we should take more precautions, and stop dengue mosquitoes from breeding. InSingapore, we are fortunate to have many NEA personnel to conduct checks in HDB flats in SIngapore to stop aedes mosquito from breeding