Monday, 10 August 2015

Goh Ming Yee (7)

Newspaper vendor sues son to get condo back 

The newspaper vendor was the father of the family which had put the condo under the name of his daughter as well as his son. When his daughter died, the son tried to claim the condo and put it under mortgage to claim the money. The father had no intention of leaving the condo to him as he had been unfilial to him.

I believe this is a situation where the problem lies within the relationships of the family themselves. The son is suppose to be filial to the father and not hit the father with the bottle when he's angry. I believe that this is them root causes which makes the father think that he is unfilial and therefore have no intention of leaving the condo to the son. I believe that we should always be filial to our parents as their the people that brought us up. No matter how naggy or irritating they can be, all their actions are out of love, therefore we should always do our best to be filial to them. By mortgaging the condo and taking the money without the consent of the father, that is stealing of money, and to do it from our own family members in this case the father is unacceptable. I think they need to think about their own family relationships and talk it out.

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  1. Agree, filial piety is important, yet lacking in our society. We need to thank our parents for taking care of us, bringing us up, and when our parents grow old, it is our turn to take care of them, to be filial to them.