Monday, 10 August 2015

Goh Ming Yee (7)

A love for reading 

This article is about the National Library Board playing a crucial role in the nurturing a nation of early readers. Reading early allows the children to be able to listen and recognize sounds and rhythms easily. It can also develop a love of reading as well as keen interest in books. 

I too fell that reading books at a young age is also very beneficial thing that we should try to adopt at a young age. When we are young we are easier at accepting things, we tend to be able to accept all sorts of changes and things easier and reading can be one of them. Reading increases vocabulary, and also can improve the grammar. For those that start reading at a young age, it becomes easier for them as they grow older as they would be able to read more variety of books as find them no problem to read. For those that start later, they may find it more difficult to read these books as they may find it too wordy or whatsoever. Then they will have lost the opportune time where they can actually develop their interest for reading. I am one of those who have started reading from young and I feel that right now I can love reading as I started now and not when I was older, as right now I feel rigid about things but not reading.p

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