Monday, 10 August 2015

Goh Ming Yee (7)

Amos Yee's defiance highlighted by judge

The judge says that Amos Yee shows constant defiance and no remorse to his actions. After the video insulting Mr Lee Kuan Yew was put up, when he was convicted to jail he did not apologize and refused to take down the video. 2 weeks later he took down the video but then posted it again which shows constant defiance.

I feel that what Amos Yee has done is strictly unacceptable. By putting up the video it shows that he is insulting Mr Lee Kuan Yew in front of the public. His actions clearly show that he is an immature person who is unable to differentiate what is good or bad. Even if he does not think of Mr Lee Kuan Yew as a person that most people think, he should be keeping it to himself as his own opinion and not post a video so publicly. The fact that he refuses to apologize also shows that he has absolutely no remorse for his actions and does not know that they are wrong. His constance defiance of unwillingness to take down the video shows that he has not felt that he has done anything wrong but instead thinks that what he is doing is right. We mustn't learn his wrongful doings but instead use it to remind us not to do these kind of things. 

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  1. I agree. I think that Amos has to understand LKY contributions to Singapore. Even if he dislikes LKY, he shouldn't have posted a video to show his hatred towards LKY. The video has attracted much attention, with many people scolding Amos. He should have taken down the video after knowing that it caused an uproar.