Monday, 10 August 2015

Jan Hoe (28/06)

This article is about a man who sold tickets of SG 50 national day parade on carousell. He sold the ticket for about $400. 

When i read this article, i felt very insulted by the man. The SG 50 national day parade tickets are supposed to be won by ballot and not sold. Firstly, it was against the rules to sell the national day parade tickets and the man did not respect the rule. Secondly, the man should have let others win the ticket instead of balloting for the ticket just to sell it and earn money. There are many people who genuinely wants to celebrate the country's golden jubilee, however, they could not get the tickets since they did not have enough luck. Though, this man was lucky enough to win the tickets, yet he did not cherish the chance and honour to celebrate Singapore's birthday and instead, he sold it, with the thought that he could earn money. To be honest i was also very interested to go for this parade since it was only once in a lifetime and i would have to wait another 50 years for another jubilee. Hence, i was quite angry when i read about this article and i think the man should not have done it. He should have just went to the parade proudly to celebrate his country's birthday or he should have given away the tickets if he was not interested.  

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  1. I totally agree with Jan. The man should not sell the national day tickets for $400. His actions reflects badly on him and also tarnishes the reputation of Singapore. He should cherish the chance of go getting the go to the national day parade. He should not turn this chance it to making profit.