Monday, 10 August 2015

JOYCE 11 28/06
This article is about a man who sold tickets of SG 50 national day parade on carousell. He sold the ticket for about $400. 
i personally feel that the man's action should not be condoned. The SG 50 national day parade tickets are supposed to be won by ballot and it was stated clearly on the tickets that the tickets were not to be sold. Hence, it was already against the law for him to sell the national day parade tickets. He can be fined or even arrested by doing such illegal actions. it was also dishonest of the man to sell the ticket at $400 as the ticket did not cost that much. He got the tickets through balloting which means he got them for free. Hence, if he was not interested in the tickets anymore, he should offer them to others for free too and not earn money from others. Moreover, he sold them at $400. this is really overboard. i would understand him if he sold them at $10. However, he sold them at a much higher price and this is really ridiculous. There are many people who genuinely wants to celebrate the country's golden jubilee, however, they could not get the tickets since they did not have the luck. this man was lucky enough to win the tickets, yet he did not cherish the chance and honour to celebrate Singapore's birthday and instead, he sold it, with the thought that he could earn abit of money. if he did not want the tickets, he could have just give them to his relatives and not sell them and earn money illegally.

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  1. I personally do not agree with your points of view bout I am rather convicted by what you say and thus feel that actually you have a good point and maybe it actually isn't right to sell the tickets. Very persuasive.