Monday, 10 August 2015

Jan Hoe (07/08)

This article is about the advantages of videos games and whether video games should be played by children or controlled by parents. 

After reading this article, i have gained more knowledge about video games and their advantages as compared to before. If i were to write about video games in the past, before reading about this article, i would have filled the page completely with the disadvantages of video games and how it could affect our eyes. However, after reading this article, i have accepted the concept of video games and i would have made a decision to let my younger siblings play video games and advise my parents not to restrict them. Firstly, i think that restricting my siblings would cause them to become extremely rebellious since they do not like to be controlled and that is also based on my experience. Secondly, i think that the advantages of playing video games have already overshot the disadvantages of video games and hence it is even more beneficial to play video games now. However, i personally think that even though we should not restrict ad block video games from appearing in our childhoods, but we should not let it exceed the right amount of video games we should play. Hence, i think that parents should allow their children to play with video games, yet take note when to stop them from playing and tell them the importance of having to rest their eyes.

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  1. I think that video games is a entertainment for humans. Entertainment is essential to us. However, to an extent. Video games lets us de stress and enjoy over selves. However, too much is bad. We should controlled our child by giving them eye resting breaks.