Monday, 10 August 2015

Jan Hoe (08/07) 

This article is about a police officer who visited a house to arrest a boy. However, his sister would not let him in and kept shouting vulgarities when the policewoman outside the door. She later scratched the police woman and kicked her in the knees and stomach. After she was handcuffed and taken to a police car, the girl swung her legs against a back door and kicked a rear window.

After reading this article, i feel that the sister merely wanted to protect her brother but in the wrong way. We all understand the thought of wanting to protect our own family but what the girl did was totally wrong and she should apologise for it. She had chosen the wrong way to protect her brother and she may have even posed more trouble for her family since she had also been charged for attacking a police officer. Maybe what the sister could do to help her family is to get her brother to admit to his crimes and then apologise so that the charges to his crimes will be lightened. That will most probably help the situation her family is in rather than refusing to let the police officer in to catch her brother. In the midst of attacking the police officer, the girl may have also disrupted her neighbours and cause them to not be able to relax and rest. Hence, since there are so many problems that is caused by the girl's action to protect her brother, i conclude that her actions were wrong and she should have tried to find an alternative way to protect her brother instead of causing a ruckus. 

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  1. I think that the girl should not have done this. The police arresting his brother is maybe because his brother did something wrong. I understand that the girl was merely protecting his brother but she should not have done something that disrupt the police.