Monday, 10 August 2015

Jan Hoe (11/6)

This article is about a man who slapped Amos Yee and was charged to 3 weeks jail.

I have watched the video of the man slapping Amos Yee and i thought that the man should not have done that and Amos Yee did not deserve that. I was deeply shocked when Amos Yee got slapped by the man as he violently done it and looking pale and weak, Amos Yee looked as if he could not survive the slap. I personally think that even thought Amos Yee deserved a thousand slaps, the man shouldnt have done that as we, as citizens, should not have been the ones who are punishing him. We should instead, let the law and the judge in court decide the punishment for him. Even though Amos Yee had insulted the man who built our country, he should also be given a chance to turn over a new leaf after facing the consequences of his actions. he should not be shamed publicly like that since he also have feelings of his own and he will feel very embarrassed and sad. His parents, after seeing their own sons condition, would also be very upset if they had seen the video. Even though everyone thinks that Amos Yee should have been punished, the man should not have slapped him like that as that will make him no different from Amos Yee since he also went about insulting people without thinking of their feelings. Hence, i think the man should have expressed his thought of punishing amos Yee in another way.

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  1. I think the man that slapped Amos Yee should not take the law into his own hands. I understand that Amos Yee deserves a punishment but he should not have did it. He should have waited for the authorities to punish him.