Monday, 10 August 2015

Jan Hoe (13/5)

This article is about what young Singaporeans waste their money on yet not realising it. Firstly, there is gym membership, ill fitting clothes, over ordering at restaurants, manicures and fancy workday lunches.

When i read this article, i actually felt guilty over some of the conditions singaporeans waste their money on like fancy lunches. sometimes i would go for grand lunches with my friends to enjoy each others company. however, most of the time we do not realise that we are actually wasting money. now, i do notice how much money i have wasted. Firstly, these fancy lunches actually tastes the same or even worse than those cozy dishes that are sold in a market. Just that these dishes look more appealing since it is more decorated. I think singaporeans prefer going to such places instead of markets because of several reasons even though they are aware that the food in the market are more delicious. one of the reasons might be the significant differences in the conditions of both places. Some spoilt singaporeans may not be able to stand the smells and stenches of the market and hence they take the alternative to go to more grand places just for a small meal. however, this can cost them much more as compared to the markets. secondly, singaporeans may also like to take pictures of their foods and psot it on social media. whichever restaurants have better looking foods, whichever restaurants singaporeans will flock to. Other than wasting money at fancy lunches, i think it is also very useless for people to go for manicure while they can paint their own nails. gym membership is equally wasting money, if those people dont even frequent to the gym. 

at the end of the day, many singaporeans do waste a lot of money and we all have to admit we are guilty of them in one way or another. since we are already aware, we should quickly reduce the money we waste or even refrain from wasting money.

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  1. I sometimes also feel guilty. Youths nowadays overspend. Once we see something that we like, we usually don't think of the price. For meals, youths often order too much food. I feel that you can did in more of your personal experiences.