Monday, 10 August 2015

Jan Hoe (16/4/15)

This article is about a man who is jailed for filming a woman in a shop's fitting room. 

When i read about this article, i was completely horrified at the man's atrocious act. Being a national servicemen of singapore, he had completely shamed our nation's reputation with his irresponsible and pervertic act. the man should have considered the feelings of the girls that he had shamed by invading their modesty. Such acts should never been forgiven and these acts are only acted by beasts who have no respect. Since, he is a grown man, he should have thought about the consequences of his actions as well as about the feelings of the women. he should have respected them and not give in to his thoughts of filming women's privacy. I hope this man had the courage to apologise to the women whos modesty was insulted by him. Also, i hope he wil turn over a new leaf and not do this kind of atrocious acts ever again.

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