Monday, 10 August 2015

Jan Hoe (29/4)

This article is about parents turning to apps to help their children for homework. Many parents are tapping on social media and apps for online tutoring for their children. Most parents think that is it very efficient for the help of their children.

Firstly, i was very appalled by how technology has grown over the years when i read this article. I feel that nowadays technology are becoming more and more helpful and even creative. You can ever learn more things using technology. I think that since these apps are helpful, efficient and convenient, why not introduce these kind of concepts to the singapore education system so that singaporeans can improve at the rate of how technology is improving. i think that even the parents who are more likely to be traditional since they grew up in their environment, are already accepting these apps, this proves that these apps are probably really beneficial to their children and it is worth a try for most parents and even students on their own. i think that when we're studying, understanding a solution to th question is the most important. This criteria is also fulfilled by the apps or social media, hence i think that these apps and social medias are actually helpful and not harmful, like what many parents think, and is good for children to use.


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  2. I agree with Jan. Apps nowadays can really help a child in learning. For example, our school uses iPad apps in learning. Teachers can post assignment for us to do. For maths, we can learn maths concepts in advance before the teacher teaches. Therefore, I feel that apps nowadays are essential and helpful in a child's leaning.