Monday, 10 August 2015

Jeremy Tay (35)

News article title : Hail-hit US plane makes forced landing.

A delta airliner flying from boston to salt lake city encountered a hailstorm and was forced to make an emergency landing in Denver. The plane dropped 14,000 feet in altitude over a two minute time span. The flight landed safely at Denver International Airport on Friday night after encountering the hail, and the incident is currently under investigation.

After all the recent plane accidents, i feel that traveling in the air now is very dangerous. Recently, there has been many cases of airplanes accidents and it only bring nothing but worry to the people. I too am worried about my safety when traveling in the air now. In the recent OELP trip, once we boarded the plane, i started to get paranoid and wondered "what if this plane doesn't make it to the destination, and what if there is an accident now?". My faith in airlines have been greatly reduced after all the accidents and i feel that the airlines should be more cautious and careful to avoid another plane accident. They should train the pilots now to be sure of the emergency landing steps so that in case of emergency, trained and experienced pilots will still be able to keep the passengers safe.

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  1. Most of the plane accidents are usually caused by natural disasters. I feel that it is unfair to put the blame on the pilots. The fault is ours, as we are the ones who changed the environment to what it is today. I think the pilots are well trained enough to handle emergency cases, but in natural disasters, things are unpredictable. Airline companies can do their part by keeping the planes well maintained.