Monday, 10 August 2015

Jeremy Tay 35

This article is about a kind soldier, Chritstopher Ang, sheltering an elderly man from the rain, who did not have an umbrella with him while waiting for the cab. The elderly man was waiting for a taxi to take him to Changi General Hospital for a medical appointment. He is a retiree who suffered from a stroke 15 years ago which impaired his movement and affected his speech. The soldier was patient and kind enough to wait for 20 minutes till the elderly was able to hail a taxi. 

I feel that this soldier is very considerate and kind. Nowadays, it is very rare to see others helping people in need in public. Many people nowadays are overly attatched to their phones and are not aware of their surooundings and thus not knowing about the people around then that need help. Peope nowadays are also more socially awkward and are not daring enough to go forward and help thay person even though u know that that is the correct thing to do. I feel that we should learn from this soldier and help th elderly more . 

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  1. I agree that we should learn from the soldier. Although his car is just nearby, but perhaps the old man was unwilling to be sent to the hospital by the soldier. I think that we can set a good example for the socially awkward people, such that helping others would not be an awkward act in society. We can start helping people in need, not only elders. When others see us, they will follow suit, and the society will soon be filled with helpful people.