Monday, 10 August 2015

Jeremy Tay 35

SINGAPORE — In what could potentially be the worst MRT breakdown to date, services on the North-South and East-West Lines came to a complete halt for several hours during evening rush hour today (July 7). This is the first time services on both lines were affected at the same time. A power fault had affected trains along the North-South and East-West Lines at 7.15pm, said SMRT in a statement. “This led to a system-wide disruption along the entire line.”

This MRT breakdown had affected a lot of people. Many Of my friends had reached home alot later then usual due to this breakdown. One of my friends live in YioChuKang, which is very far away from school so ny the time he reached home it was already very late. He had to finish his homework too and the time he had was very little. I feel that LTA should do a better job at servicing the MRT as it will bring a lot of inconvinience for people who live far away.

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  1. The MRT tracks have already been around for about 30 years already. It is inevitable that there would be problems with the tracks. However, if the MRT is breaking down excessively, the LTA should investigate fully the root cause of the problem instead of finding a temporary solution. In the meantime, commuters should learn to deal with this kind of situations. Our ancestors used to walk for an hour to school and back. Singapore is such a small country, I am sure there is some other way of transport home other than train.