Monday, 10 August 2015

Jeslyn Teo (10) 2H

Date Of Article : 29 June 2015

Article :

Title : McDonald's Delivery Service Uses Taxi During Ramadan Rush

Summary : A group of warehouse workers were expecting to have their McDonald's delivery sent by a motorbike rider. Instead, a taxi pulled up at their workplace on early Friday morning and a McDonald's delivery guy emerged with their order.

Response : I feel that McDonald has a very strong responsibility to deliver goods and services on time for consumers. They try to achieve a standard timing even if it means spending more on a taxi rather than a motorcycle to get the food deliveries on time. They make efforts to serve their customers well and make sure they are happy with their services. I am indeed very impressed at their efforts to ensure that deliveries are able to meet customers' McDelivery orders in a timely manner.

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  1. I believe it is because McDonald's is a large corporation, hence it will not want to ruin its reputation by not delivering the food late to its customers. It places its customers first, which is a very important thing when starting a business. This ensures that the consumers don't lose trust in the company and continue supporting it.