Monday, 10 August 2015

Jesper 30 

This article is about a police officer who visited a house to arrest a boy. However, his sister did not let him in and kept shouting vulgarities. She later scratched the police woman and kicked her in the knees and stomach. After she was handcuffed and taken to a police car, the girl swung her legs against a back door and kicked a rear window.

In my opinion, I felt that the actions of the sister reflect the love she has for her brother. It is understandable that she is just trying to protect her brother but she should not have attack the civil servant as this will bring more trouble to the family. I think that the only solution to this problem is that the sister should have talk the brother to admit hi own crimes, although it is easier said than done, this is always the right thing to do rather than attacking the police officer. If the brother were to admit to his own crimes, the sentence will be lightened too. This will most probably be the most effective way to help the brother in this situation. Although the actions of the sister may be wrong but this shows the love she has for her brother, how she wanted to protect him and this is the kind of relationship that is slowly fading in the society now. 

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  1. yes I agree with you. we can see from here how the sister wants to protect the brother and not let him get arrested. however, she should know that one should abide by the law and no matter how she retaliates, her brother would still be arrested in the end. I feel that she should know how one should own up for their own mistakes and face the consequences of it.