Monday, 10 August 2015

Jesper Leow 30

This article is about a police investigation about recent video posted on Facebook about a woman who was seen slapping a old woman's face, the old woman was believed to be her mother. Neighbours mentioned that it was a common sight, along with shouting, beatings and kicking. The police assured the public that the victim will receive the necessary care and support and to better protect vulnerable adults from abuse or neglect, they urge members of the public to alert the authorities or call the police in case of emergency.

In my opinion, such behaviour is inhumane. The society is unable to accept cases of elderly abuse as they expressed disapproval over the Internet. Moreover in this case, a daughter is beating her own mother. The mother that raise her up and taught her from young. I am utterly disappointed to have known this as the daughter's action is the most unacceptable. From this incident, members of the public should begin to realize how vulnerable they are, of how to act appropriately when we come face to face with these situations. We knew we had to do something to put a stop to the hurt on the victims but we are clueless of who we should approach. I hope that people will be more vigilant and if they were to see such situations in public, they will stop latter in beating anyone up.

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  1. I agree with you. family should be there to stand up for each other but instead of standing up for the mother, the daughter is the one who is abusing the mother. Even if she is not the mother's daughter, everyone should respect the elderly, not to abuse them so easily like this. if I were there, I would definitely stop them from continuing abusing the mother and making her do things.