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Jing Jing (23)

20 April 2015

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In this article, the issue being discussed is regarding a Jack Russell being attacked by two dogs twice its size. Apparently, eight people were needed to separate them and the Jack Russell, Ranee, died after five days as the attack left her with puncture wounds on the intestines. Ranee's owners are concerned that the two mongrels might impose danger on residents in the neighbourhood.

After reading this article, I feel that the owners of these mongrels are partly at fault for what happened to Ranee.  The two dogs were unleashed and could escape though the broken fences but all could be prevented if the owners bothered to keep a good eye on the two dogs. I also share Ranee's owners' concern about the safety issues imposed by the two dogs. To prevent tragedies like this from repeating itself, I believe that the owners should replace the broken fences with new ones. As a dog owner, he/she needs to be vigilant enough to ensure the safety of his dog and to make sure that his dog do not disrupt the peace in the neighbourhood. 

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  1. I also agree with you that the two other dog owners should have kept an eye on their dogs. Ranee is such poor thing, to be attacked by other dogs bigger than her. But what i do not understand is that why would the dogs go and attack her for no reason? Something must have happened.