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Jing Jing (23)

20 July

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The issue being discussed in this article is about Ong Jie Jun, the son of a self-employed freelance painter and office clerk, who although has a need for money, insists on helping people worse off. Just a few months ago, he started a recycling project with a SP schoolmate and the $400 raised were donated to SP's Student Services Centre to help disadvantaged students. In addition, Jie Lun actually has to work to earn pocket money for school, yet he still persisted in helping people in need. 

After reading this article, I feel motivated by Jie Lun's perseverance in helping people in need. Despite having to juggle from his other commitments, his job and his studies, Jie Lun is a consistent GPA4.0 student. This shows that he must have been extremely hardworking so that he can keep up with his schoolwork. In addition, Jie Lun does not come from a wealthy family. In actual fact, he do need money and even have to work to earn money for school. However, he still insist to help those who might be worse off by trying his best to raise money to improve the lives of more unfortunate people. His determination and kindness truly touched my heart and he is indeed a role model for everyone to learn from. 

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  1. I also feel that Jie Lun is a kind student. He is struggling to pay his school fees yet at the same time helping other people in need. I am glad that there are good samaritans around us. We should all learn from him. He is also very hardworking, to be able to juggle between work, studies and helpping others at the same time.