Sunday, 9 August 2015

Jing Jing (23)

6 August

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In this article, the issue being discussed is about the Annual Kite Flying Festival that took place recently.  This event, which is being held in conjunction with SG50, attracted more than 20000 people as we see kite displays from local and international kite flyers. This event, with no restriction, gives participants freedom to create an extraordinary kite based on their imagination.

After reading this article, I feel genuinely disappointed that I missed this festival as I will like to analyze and admire the beaut of each and every Flyers' creativity in creating a unique card. To continue, quoting from Madam Gadis Widayati, the association's secretary,  "We invited kite flyers from eight countries. Kite-flying can foster a sense of brotherhood and bring people together, and it is amazing to connect with people from all over, no matter where you are from." . I agree to this statement as even someone that does not know how to fly a kite is motivated to learn how to do so, let alone people who have extreme passion regarding kite flying. Thus, this event is also a good platform for people who shares the same ideas about kite to interact with one another. 

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  1. I also feel very nostalgic when this kite event took palce. We are all very busy with our studies and have hardly anytime to play. It had been a very long time since i flew a kite and has been longing to do so for years but couldn't because of the time constraint. I also find that this event can boost people's creativity to make an extraordinary kite. I hope events like this can be held more often during the holidays so that we can take some time out to play.